Author Topic: just ready to go after the Chelsea players move around Barcelona garden  (Read 311 times)

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short lax on defense by Busques to break the deadlock, the game's drama begins. Perhaps the impact of the Chelsea goal Barca team mentality, just ready to go after the Chelsea players move around Barcelona garden, their captain indirect "stop" this behavior. Terry a very subtle with his knee at the top of Sanchez behind the action, the linesman and the goal line was caught in the positive with the referee, the referee did not hesitate to show the red card to the Blues captain, played 11 Chelsea 10, while this time the Chelsea players not out from captain to end emotions, and soon scored a second goal Barca, Barca a 2-0 lead! This means that at this time in Barcelona on the total score over Chelsea, Barcelona, after the second goal, Barcelona fans and players think they have one foot in the Allianz Arena, into the rest of the game may be more ball! If this is the result, then the script can only be very mediocre, lackluster! However, only less than 2 minutes, Chelsea will quickly scored a goal through a quick counter-attack, became an instant score between 1 to 2, with a total score of 2 2! With the away goal, Chelsea take the initiative! At this point the first half is over! A man sent off while the total score of the dominant, if you are a Chelsea manager, how would you do? There is no doubt that the defensive effort of all the players to participate in the defense, so you can see in the second half of the first half, stopping frequently in the garden after Barca Drogba turned left back, and let the game Drogba in this capacity and to enhance the dramatic a notch! Opening the second half shortly after Drogba in the penalty area tripped Fabregas, Barca penalty! This is no better chance, Messi stood before the penalty, he wants to break the curse of every Chelsea without scoring, so he has to face

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