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e along while the great majority all have been already  carry on the back.Liu Feng goes deep into each troops to carry on making selective check again, the result for making selective check makes Liu Feng is very satisfied.The fierce tiger camp is a not only brave troops, but has cultural troops, the troops like this is limitless in the fighting strength in this age.
      Immediately after Chen amiable Zou English and then is Chang-an arranging one for fierce tiger camp to halt encampment inside the city, in order to station at the city at the fierce tiger camp inside, take over a palace guards value to guard every other day very much.
      Arriving should fierce tiger camp the value guard of the day, Liu Feng makes the fierce tiger camp pulling the imperial palace outside each early and early,Sac Longchamp Homme, the palace guardses like,etc opened a temple door, go in replacement.
      By that time, the temple door opens, Wang Su and Xiao Can takes palace guards to come out, they a see the fierce tiger camp get a fright, because the fierce tiger camp all provides with metal weapon from soldier to military officer, the once clear tile is bright,Sac Michael Kors Pas Cher, all people all have a spirit with fierce young tiger, and this kind of vehemence will never be such a palace guards the troops who have never seen blood to own.(As for helmet and cuirass and war horse, Liu Feng all stays at Chang-an encampment in the city in, don't dare to take out to show off.Still left soldier's troops of riding of Wang Gou Zi to watch barracks.)
      Original Wang Su and Xiao Can thinks that the fierce tiger camp is just a place troops, the file time and own palace guards differ very and far and basically despise a fierce tiger camp.On seeing today, perhaps and completely be not return so a matter.They even feel that they ask for trouble for Liu Feng, till the last is not is seek for oneself to bother.
      BE had by shocking Wang Su and Xiao Can this viewpoint, active beat with Liu Feng to receive, handed over to connect also matchless smooth, the fierce tiger camp formally starts being worth the work of guarding the imperial palace.
      A connect Liu Feng is all very nervous, fear oneself's a negligence for several days, underneath of criminal mistake, so he almost the whole days all is going around and inspecting everywhere, the slightest don't dare to be slacken.Is a troops with strict clear discipline in the fierce tiger camp so much, and all soldiers have culture and know that oneself is worth to guard inside the imperial palace in the big fellow theest most central dynasty now.If not that following Liu Feng, several generation sons aren't likely to have an opportunity like this.So is all vigorous, the slightest don't dare to be slacken, don't even say to violate what rules.
      Original Wang Su and Xiao Can wants to see a fierce tiger camp joke of, the result fierce tiger camp on duty for the day 56 times,Longchamp Paris, any errors all have no.This makes them are very strange, also very curious.To say that the fierce tiger camp can fight the young tiger is fierce, Wang Su and Xiao Can has already believed, but do this kind of affair can also compare their palace guards well done?The regrettable fact is fact, the fierce tiger camp really does quite goodly.
      In addition to Wang Su and Xiao Can, return many people is paying attention to the performance of fierce tiger camp.
      Palace after the imperial palace, the sky of big fellow dynasty blesses an emperor to have spirit to feebly lie on the bed, nearby what to stand is Gao Tong, is saying in his ear what.
      Gao Tong Shuo finishes, the sky blesses emperor face up peeped out smiling face,Longchamp Sac A Main, say at Gao Tong Er:"See to me don't choose a wrong person this time, this Liu Feng really can greatly use!"
      Gao Tong immediately claps a horse way:"His majesty insight,Sac A Main Longchamp, the nature can't see a wrong person."
      Fight to excel to Liu Feng in the heart is also very happy, the emperor his majesty passes away to see come at these several days, if Liu Feng is on this important juncture what error, held up Liu to inherited at first, so the I would definitely chase him ground corpse 10000!
      Hong agriculture Wang Fu, Liu Xiang lies on the bed Ta on, listen to reporting of servant a report,Pliage Longchamp, also peeped out smiling face on the face:"I say Liu Feng's this boy if connect Wang Su and Xiao Can of small make difficulties for to all connect not to come down, so he also white let emperor the elder brother thought greatly of so."
      The big fellow dynasty official hierarchy opposes Liu Feng to serve as in the last book in get a soldier disappeared behind,Sac Longchamp, also had no a voice interest.Because their objection for letting eunuch's group trust Liu Feng more, they are more objection, Liu Feng's position is more a firmness.This is also the emperor his majesty to determinedly want Liu Feng to serve as medium get one of the reason of soldier.
      The sky of big fellow dynasty blesses for 20 September, years 20 day and night, big fellow dynasty the sky bless an emperor to finally finish walking his life process, pass away.This night exactly Liu Feng's fierce tiger camp value guard, when the voice spread to weep aloud inside the temple, Liu Feng immediately knows that the sky blessed an emperor to pass away, he orderanies right away a herald soldier immediately hangs city but descend, say "hello" and orderany Wang Gou's subset to ride a soldier with Wang Gou Zi, prepare to cope with tomorrow of greatly disorderly.
      But Hong agriculture younger brother Wang, Liu Xiang, hear emperor the elder brother pass away of news, immediately faint.One in the that night capital city is greatly disorderly,Hippodrome De Longchamp, text force the official hierarchy immediately go to move and every where establish, sign to discard prince,Trousse Longchamp, Liu Chang,Montre Michael Kors, as emperor.
      But the first affair done by Liu Feng be send a fighting skill high strong fierce tiger camp of several well-known scholar soldier protection Liu Chang and Liu Yuan.This way of doing acquired support of five wolves, because all probably let the opponent hold tight a hold o
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