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Attending a Mormon Baptism,.de/lebens
Attending a Mormon BaptismAttending a baptism for a friend or relative into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints? Learn what what a typical Mormon baptismal service looks like.Posted by Jenny Evans  Last updated: Dec 2, 2013The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints,moncler sale, also called the Mormon or LDS church,, believes that baptism is an essential ordinance that is necessary for salvation.This article is intended for friends and family of another faith who may be invited to attend a Mormon baptism and may have questions about what to wear,, how long the service will be, or what the service will be like.Are Visitors of Any Faith Welcome?Members and non members alike are always welcome to attend Mormon baptismal services. They are usually (but not always) scheduled on a Saturday evening.What Should I Wear to an LDS Baptism?Mormons wear their Sunday best to a baptism to reflect the sacred nature of the ordinance of baptism. Women and girls wear dresses or skirts, and men and boys generally wear a tie. However, there is no formal dress code for attending a baptism.How Long Does a Typical Mormon Baptismal Service Last?It varies, but in general a baptismal program from start to finish lasts about 45 minutes. Sometimes areas with a large Mormon population will have a single service for multiple baptisms, which will take longer. A typical baptismal service includes:Opening hymn and prayerTalk on baptismBaptismInterludeTalk on the Holy GhostWelcoming the new memberClosing hymn and prayerRefreshmentsThere will usually be a printed program for each baptismal service,moncler outlet münchen, letting visitors know what the specific program is for that service.What are the Baptism Talks All About?The talks on baptism and the Holy Ghost are each about 10 minutes in length, prepared in advance by an assigned member of the congregation.The baptism talk centers on the important covenant of baptism that the person is about to make; the Holy Ghost talk focuses on the ordinance of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost,.de/lebens, which will occur at church the following Sunday (visitors are welcome to attend.)What Happens During a Mormon Baptism?Latter day Saints baptize by immersion, meaning that baptisms are done in a baptismal font in the church large and deep enough to facilitate full immersion.Both the person being baptized and the priesthood holder baptizing them wear white. After entering the font, the priesthood holder raises his right hand and says,, "[Name,] having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen."He then immerses the person in water. If the person does not go completely under, the baptism will need to be repeated.During the actual ordinance of baptism, pictures are not allowed. Most people take pictures of the person in their white clothing before the service to commemorate the event.What is the Interlude?After baptism by immersion, it's obviously necessary for the person to change clothes and freshen up. So while they are doing that, an interlude activity is planned for those attending the baptism.Every program is different, but the interlude may include watching a short church video, hearing a presentation by the missionaries, writing words of congratulations to the newly baptized person,, or listening to hymns or special musical numbers.What Happens After the LDS Baptism?When the person returns,moncler shop münchen, there is a talk on the Holy Ghost followed by a short message of congratulations and welcome by the bishopric (a leader of a Mormon congregation.)After a closing hymn and prayer, refreshments are served and people are free to mingle and talk with each other until they feel like leaving.Baptism is a very special event to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. People of any faith are welcome to attend the baptism of a family member or friend to show their support.This article focuses more on baptism etiquette for visitors,moncler weste günstig, but for information on the significance of baptism please see "Mormon Doctrine of Baptism.".