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« on: December 15, 2013, 04:29:34 pm »
Gluten Free Options for Holidays,
Holidays can be harrowing for those with food allergies.
Turkey is generally off limits for those with gluten sensitivities. Not because of the meat but because of what's stuffed inside in cooking them. That,moncler kay one, in effect, contaminates the whole turkey and if eaten by someone prone to strong reactions, it'd be the bird, not a stone, that may kill. And even though the conscientious host may make cookies out of tapioca and rice flour, the rolling pin, mixer, and spatulas most likely were used for wheat flour. That'd negate any allergen free good will.
Luckily companies are catching up so every home can be happy for the holidays. Glutino is an exclusively gluten free company. That's an important distinction. Even though new FDA guidelines restrict the labeling on gluten free products, factories and machinery may not be entirely allergen free. With Glutino having designated facilities,, there's an added assurance that there are no trace substances, no matter what the Parts Per Million is allowed by a government body.
Why that matters? Holidays spent in the hospital tending to one who unknowingly devoured something they're allergic to isn't one to hold close to one's heart. Or stomach.
Good Tastes
Fortunately Glutino has a variety of holiday themed products. Their Peppermint Yogurt Pretzels crunch like any other pretzel but are made out of rice flour. The mint is not as sharp as other similarly flavored goodies which makes the blending of the salt smoother. Dipping my finger at the bottom of the bag inspired an "Aha" moment. Crushed, the Peppermint Yogurt Pretzels would make a great topping for desserts or even a main course.
Glutino's Corn Bread Stuffing Mix is a savory compliment to a meal. It also makes a meal on its own. Made with tapioca and corn starch,moncler jacken original, the onion and garlic powders come through. The recipe on the box suggests chicken or vegetable broth. Allergen knowledgeable chefs already know to check the ingredients on those as well. Not all soups are gluten free.
Made with white rice flour is the company's Sugar Cookie mix. For those not baking inclined, Glutino has an assortment of ready to pop in the mouth snacks and desserts as well. Stuffing Udi's muffins and other baked goods into my mouth is stuck in my memory banks. Udi's is a sister brand. For the Sugar Cookies, they're reminiscently good as any other cookie. Though not a expert baker, the mix was easy to work with and while baking,moncler, it brought the holiday smell back to my home.
That's what it's all about,moncler angers schwarz, isn't it? Bringing holidays to the home. There's no reason why allergens have to be invited guests.
Christmas Traditions Part One   Grandma's Sugar CookiesThe first in a short series of articles about my family's Christmas traditions,moncler lagerverkauf. This one includes a recipe for Christmas sugar cookies."Gormball Sugar Cookies": A Sweet Treat for Your Neopet,!Looking for something sweet? Your Neopet would love to snack on one of these delicious sugar cookies,!Holiday Dangers for Dogs and CatsThe holiday season brings some hidden dangers for dogs and cats,moncler italien.

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