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person to also understand to build city?See their wood rooms of mother-in-law Yu, even the house is also
Not the general assembly sets up, with their civilized degree, how can build thus hard practical city?"Scrutinize that city wall, seem to have Zhang remaining Gao and Zhang
Remaining is thick, all soil wall, think come is also such as Central plains build the way of city, first connect with each other with the rope with two pieces of wooden boards, clip to sign on the ground, again fill soil
Again and again press solid, such a folds up, so as to result in Gao Hou Yu Zhang's burliness city wall.Because this city three sides lean on top of hill stone wall,
Only is even slow ground of to the north one party, fix a city wall by then enough, there is a path in northern side come up, fixed a city gate.
The city gate has the private the soldier to defend, besides which, at present still have the private the soldier to back and forth take a stroll in the city wall.
Is five is lookinging at,Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher, suddenly listen to the singing is spread by the neighborhood, dark eat a surprised, small and soft realize,Sac Michael Kors Pas Cher, that singing comes from the bamboo beside the footpath
Wood.This singing is sung by woman,Burberry Outlet Online, with Central plains different, circumlocution but Jiao Dia, take an idea of temptation rather.5 acquaint with towards handing mulberry language not and very,
Feels this singing very good to listen,Tiffany Outlet Store Online, but doesn't understand meanings in it, the heart Cun was necessarily the person in the city to walk to come up, and the favour Shan body hid into a wood.
The singing is in a short while more and more near, led, then saw a woman's singing song is slowly come forward by the footpath.This woman about 26
Is 7 years old to allow, the facial appearance is very beautiful, although the attractive woman that cannot compares with Chu's the moon, it sweet and charming place wonderful princess of peter, than three Yans the female still want much two
Divide feminine beauty,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, as a result also calculate is a seldom seen beauty.This woman is dressed in whole body red dress, the waist fastens a gold to take and kisses a flower all the way but up, accidentally see road
The butterfly in the side grass cluster, also squat down next have a look.
This woman got to summit of hill up, get to that arbor in, sit on the turtle form cobblestone on.Central plains at this time still have no chair, is on the ground while sitting
Spreads the grass Yan Ge seat, sits with crossed knees.Therefore is five have never seen this woman of sit a method,Tiffany Outlet Store, see her to here and pretty much acquaint with, again very big
Square, nature is usually come to this.It isn't easy to set up this arbor, is is necessarily big evil to self-use, but this woman consumedly the square square ground sit down and see
It come to really is that the city middleman is beyond doubt, doesn't well say or the type of big evil beloved Ji Qie.
5 after hiding big pine tree in the wood leaves this woman to only have the Yao of 56 Zhangs and at the right moment toward noodles with that woman to temporary don't dare to expose
Head.In the sudden heart on moving, ponder:"BE, this clothing on the woman body rather Jin person.Hand mulberry women to all sew tube-like in shape, peep out
Head feet and double arm, and is hemp make, how have this female breadth tunic the silks system of the big Xiu clothes?"He used to see the clothing of medium aborigines, everyday with many men
Person's maid together hands by seeing mulberry woman to on the contrary amaze.What this female wears is the China person's clothes, 5 saw on the contrary don't think strange,Polo Ralph Lauren,
Temporarily have never responded to come over, think at the moment come, this hands the ground of mulberry to see the others wear medium soil clothes, is exactly a strange and then strange matter.
Is five is thinking so, then listen to this drawing a deep sigh, lightly and by hand closing lightly to close lightly temples hair and starting Leng.Five eyes
Dint very good, secretly and so lo past,Ralph Lauren Pas Cher, sees this woman show eyebrow tiny Cu, seeming the worry is layer after layer.5 sees her this shapes and then thinks of west
Shi Lai, the Shih Tzu mental disorder goes into action to would be like this and ponders at present and more a person to round greater half Wu for year, don't know whether the city breaks, heart Cun disorderly soldier
Is medium, the Shih Tzu Jiao Qie Qie one person only afraid hard luckily survive, can not help heart in one pain.His idea doesn't belong to, the foot carelessly trampled a tree branch,
Send out a slight voice to ring.
This woman is fiercely raised head, to see come over in the wood, way:"BE who?"
5 saw reveal to go to hide and had to walk out, arch hand wry smile, ponder this hand mulberry words of give offense to extend apology of how to should say language.
This woman looking at five, peep out Ya on the face however of color, suddenly use Central plains a speech to ask a way:"Is the childe a medium aborigines?"
5 ate a surprised, surprisingly this woman unexpectedly will win a soil speech, might it not be she be really medium aborigines?Think again:"Originally they also call me
Central plains all countries is medium soil."Nod a way:"At under is exactly in aborigines, the on the water met wind waves and drifted about this."
This woman face dew happy expression asks a way:"Listen to childe's this accent, it is together a person to seem."
Five ways:"At under is exactly a person together.See in this summit of hill in times before the miss come up and feared to frighten miss, hence hide in one side, don't  have
The idea peeps.Don't know that how to call miss?"
This woman Zheng Zheng, slowly way:"I call small China."
Five ways:"Is small China miss, are you Jin a person?"
Small China shakes head a way:"I ain't Jin person, but should be a person or Wu Ren more, in fact I am more a person still Wu Ren, even oneself also cans not distinguishes
Five seal a startled way:"This again is what cause?"
Small China smile way:"According to reason I am more a person, can Wu Wang the whole Lyu fell more, we are captured Wu Guo.I am born at Wu G

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