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moncler kindermode
« on: December 14, 2013, 10:41:17 pm »
Negative Aspects of the Taurus Man
The average Taurus is prone to very clear cut strengths and weaknesses. Whilst Taurus is not a demonstrative astrological sign, neither is it an indecisive or vague sign. Once the mind is made up and action is being taken you can guarantee that it is taken in big, bold colors, not shades of gray. The pros and cons of a Taurus male are usually in the eye of the beholder as well, a trait that delights one person could annoy another intensely.Taurus men generally tend to think positively about themselves, as this sign of the zodiac isn't usually the most introspective; as a rule, the bull is generally happy. This is positive right? Of course it is, at least from the Taurus' perspective. But for some, an individual who exhibits this typical Taurus feature may be viewed as self satisfied, even pompous or worse,moncler kindermode, arrogant. A Taurus might be all of these things of course, but it goes to show that the basic strengths of this zodiac sign can be negatives in the wrong company. Like every astrological sign, Taurus has a few weak points and we'll examine them, but bear in mind, that, paradoxically they can be strengths in the right scenario.Taurus' Negative QualitiesAccording to online resources like  online, or Deborah Houlding on Sky script, Taurus can be hedonistic, argumentative,, materialistic,moncler jacken, self centered and obstinate. Taurus can also be headstrong, lustful, opinionated and possessive. Common Taurus qualities also include being stubborn, inflexible, old fashioned, slow, brooding, non committal and pedantic with a volcanic temper. And the more you research, the more you find.Those qualities may have some wondering why anyone (other than a mother) would love a Taurus! When it comes to Taurus qualities, most of them are different sides of the same coin. Unlike some other signs, most Taurus qualities become positive or negative depending on the situation they are in, rather than being an absolute good or bad.Taurus MaterialismTaurus is materialistic, no doubt about it. Taurus looks at the world through possessive glasses. Taurus loves owning things,moncler shop zürich, being able to buy them and sample them. Taurus likes status symbols and enjoy the attention they can bring. Quite often the bull breaks even romantic ideas down to price, what the cost/benefit is and are they going to be the sole owner or beneficiary, or will they have to share them?Looked at it like this of course the basic materialistic urge seems bad, but flip it and see what else comes along. Taurus materialism is often rooted in a desire to be secure, they don't often buy or pursue things that don't have a use or need,moncler männer, because that would be wasteful,moncler größentabelle, and waste can lead to insecurity. In other words,Taurus is typically a responsible consumer, an automatic ethical shopper. This sign might want to possess the world, but they don't want to break it (Taurus learns early in life that the bull can be destructive). This zodiac sign also loves luxury, but only because luxury signals comfort and ease and who doesn't like that?Of course need is in the eye of the beholder too, so if you are one of the more spiritual signs,moncler discount, you're probably shaking your head right now. Taurus materialism can still be a positive thing. In essence, we know the price of everything,moncler jacke billig, but we also know its value too.Negative Traits for Taurus Include StubbornnessTaurus' stubbornness is next. They are immovable if they think they are right. Likewise, this sign is relentless in flogging an already dead horse. An individual born under this sign of the zodiac is apt to rarely let go of an issue; they're also unlikely to concede and admit they're wrong until someone can absolutely prove, beyond any doubt, that two plus two equals four because they are certain it's five. This sign is prone to getting trapped in unproductive activity because he has convinced himself that it's certain to work.For all you who have patiently put up with this for years, thank you. It is a immense pain to have to deal with a Taurus in a stubborn mood. Flip! Stubbornness works two ways. Sometimes (amazingly) Taurus is right and everyone else has yet to see the light, but he gets them there in the end. After years of failing to succeed in an activity that everyone else has given up on,, Taurus suddenly breaks through and fulfills a life ambition. And even if they don't, that inherent obstinacy shields them from the disappointment.Other negative qualities of this Zodiac sign include the Taurus TemperThe typical Taurus is known for his temper and it's often rooted in a desire for peace and quiet. Which is good. But that means they tend to bottle up emotions and thoughts. And when they bottle, they really bottle; tiny things are stored away over years and grow to make one big sore. Finally, when someone makes a minor fuss they explode like Vesuvius, covering everyone in spleen.Those on the receiving end will find this disproportionate,moncler jacken, unreasonable and frightening. For a Taurus, it's debilitating and earth shattering, but they can't stop it, and their anger will last a long time. Speak your mind only when the storm has blown over, as once cool, a Taurus will be ready to listen and apologize.Putting aside the temper issue and pretty much all other personality traits are interchangeable on the good/bad graph. In the right situation, a Taurus negative can actually have a positive outcome. When one encounters this sign's negative traits, it can help to imagine how the trait would be useful and positive in another setting; many find that this sign's worst offense is a lack of self awareness in the moment. Make a Taurus aware of their momentary lapse (which usually isn't difficult) and you'll see them shift gears mentally, becoming instantly agreeable. Taurus is really good at being agreeable. Accessed October 13th, 2010.

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