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Zhang Xian Long of one side a way loudly:"Seeing clear was Wu Xiang rate brigade back!Is strange, he was widely and rather how canned so quick and then delivered to food grassed!"
  Three laurels are close behind to outside hope to go to the city, indeed as expected see is quickly rushed through to come by the distance of one brigade riding of several 100 people soldier.Up hang greatly clear flag, for head one member the year lead five a period of 10 dayses of will get to have a liking for to depend on sparse is father, Wu Xiang, .But at this time Yuan Chong Huan but stare at city the outside didn't talk, but the air is more and more dignified.Suddenly he is to 3:"Three laurels, you see from this troops what have no"
  Three laurel Ning the eyes hope to go,Polo Ralph Lauren Pas Cher, the side cautiously looks into the side answer way:"Seem the troops marches forward of the speed want to compare generally of march quick many, and the troops is a bit in great disorder, also have ……"
  Three laurels still want to be small and soft again to look into, the Yuan Chong Huan suddenly and fiercely turns head to roar loud a way to the after death close soldier at this time:"Hurriedly herald the bottom go, immediately whole city alert!There is enemy that strike!Is quick!"
  Zhang Xian Long smells listen to whole body one earthquake, twist a head to unimaginablely hope the Yuan Chong Huan inquiry way:"Du teacher, the city is foreign really is Wu Xiang Fu will, why do you say to is it the enemy that strike?, Say that his Wu Xiang unexpectedly goes and lives with an enemy not to become?"Finish saying not from took suspicious look in the eyes to sweep one three laurels beside the eye.
  Three laurels haven't in time answered criticism,Ralph Lauren Pas Cher, Yuan Chong Huan already connect to come over formally of way:"This pours be not, the personal character of Wu Xiang's general originally the Du teacher still can believe and just doubt that the food grass that he transports under guard has already been robbed by the enemy to go, otherwise regardless he uses what method, all impossibly and so quick send to food grass widely and rather.Besides after sending to still need to carry on a pit actually, the label accept an etc. item, time needed is more endless.And you outwardly and cautiously see them, the brigade form spreads in disorder, the headgear isn't whole often and nervously turn head to look about while doing not say,Tiffany Outlet, and returning, show is at their after death not the enemy in distance make track for shot.And the enemy's number is otherwise still many, can't make them such panic."
  A side concentrates a view to note three laurels out of the city at this time suddenly response way:"Du teacher anticipate not false, indeed as expected large numbers of enemies made track for to come up."
  Yuan Chong Huan and Zhang Xian Long smell listen to hurriedly turn head outside hope to the city.Indeed as expected see distance smoke and dust in the front billowing, large numbers of what person's threatening force horse Hao concussed kill to come over.
  Zhang Xian Long hopes gradual looming of enemy, not from pour to take a suck at a spirit way:"My sky is unexpectedly the empress gold soldier!See appearance an enemy there are 2, 30,000 people at least, and uniformly of accompany is ride a soldier.Du teacher, how can this do?"
  The Yuan Chong Huan rapidly breathed heavily several tones,Burberry Handbags, certainly made a firm decision later on and turned head to issue order a way:"The life everywhere closes tightly city gate,Tiffany Outlet Store, and ready to bow Shi and roll wood 礌 stone etc. thing, there is no the order of the teacher of this Du,Sac Michael Kors, anyone can not open city gate, otherwise the military law handles!"
  Whole body for three laurels to listenned to sign huge earthquake, return overdo come to can not believe of hope Yuan Chong Huan.Double eyes a blink don't blink of cold interrogation way:"Du teacher is this He Yi?Don't put my father, do they go into city?"
  The Yuan Chong Huan shook to shake head, the way of regret:"Too late, you see the situation out of the city, if this Du teacher issues order to open city gate at this time, although your father waits a person to go into the city smoothly,after death and tightly makes track for the empress gold that don't give up to ride a soldier at them will also close behind upsurge.I rather far city in only 10,000 guard a soldier, but have already counted 100,100 surname, if be offended into city by these cruel as predatory animal empress gold soldiers, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it.Three laurels, the this Du teacher knows your father and son deep love,Michael Kors Sac, at this moment so concussion I also comprehend,Burberry outlet, although you save father heart to slice,you have to remember you are a soldier, will every moment take general situation as to weigh on the battlefield, sometimes have to make to come from F would not like to do of matter, but the right and wrong do can not.Is understand?"
  If three laurels staring is big double eyes could not say words, at this time in his heart already approve Yuan Chong Huan and at that moment have no again talk more, but silently look at city bottom occurrence of everything.
  But Wu Xiang have already led a brigade to arrive to a moat front at this time, but suspension bridge Gao start to rise sharply at this time,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, don't put down at all of plan.Wu Xiang turns head to hope to make track for a near empress gold soldier gradually and have already understood city why does the inside want to do so.At that moment he adjusts to turn to fight a horse and draws out long knife,Sac Michael Kors Pas Cher, movingly to several hundreds of soldier's ways at the side of bodies:"The brotherses, if we went into the city at the moment, that after death of enemy will also close behind go into city, you would like to see the close relatives in the city, common people be been cruel by the enemy of bully, kill?"
  Many under charges together voice response way:"Not ability!"The voice from a distance spread to open.
  Wu Xiang nods a way:"That good, since we can not go into the city at the moment, that lets we at in the article of death b
   Michael Kors Sac 4tQw6oFG9gWS the in the mind is dark to sigh

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