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« on: December 12, 2013, 06:44:25 am »
Is CMCSA a buy
The Pay TV industry: Something has to give
The economic argument is lopsided against the Pay TV industry (CHTR, CVC, TWC,.de/lebens, DISH, DTV) moving to an a la carte system, reasons Needham. The investment firm has some staggering estimates which indicate consumers could end up paying significantly more for an unbundled system or see a large number of networks close up shop to limit their choices. Working backwards, 180 channels at an average annual programming cost of $280M per year requires a bundled system to create the ad and subscriber revenue to support it. Related stocks: CBS, DIS,jacket moncler, AMCX, TWX, CMCSA, FOXA,moncler jacke ebay, SNI, MSG, DISCA
Higher spending on programming by network owners is paying off immediately in the form of increased revenue from content, according to media analysts. The most recent round of reports from Time Warner (TWX  0.4%), CBS (CBS +0.4%),mocler, Viacom (VIAB  0.4%),moncler outlet de, and 21st Century Fox (FOXA  0.8%) show higher program costs were offset by licensing and advertising revenue. Related ETF: PBS.
Media execs discuss the race for Time Warner Cable
Charter Communications (CHTR) CEO Thomas Rutledge says the company doesn't need to buy Time Warner Cable (TWC) in order to grow its business.
Pay TV sector fires up more small bundle options amid cord cutting
Time Warner Cable (TWC  0.4%) has introduced a "Starter TV with HBO" bundle for $30 a month in a move that could resonate across the Pay TV industry. The package includes only 20 channels,moncler damen jacken, but customers can expect a fair amount of upselling pressure. Comcast (CMCSA  0.7%) started the light bundle trend last month with a similar package. What to watch: DirecTV (DTV +1.5%) and Dish Network (DISH +0.1%) as direct competitors with TWC for subscribers could feel the most pressure in the industry to come out with a smaller bundle.
Pay TV sector gets lively again with Cox into the fray
A report on a potential bid by Cox Communications to buy Time Warner Cable (TWC +3%) has brought more buyers into the Pay TV sector again. The WSJ says its sources indicate a final decision by Cox hasn't been made yet. The chase could be rather interesting with several joint and single bidders now in the mix. Cablevision (CVC +3.7%),, Charter Communications (CHTR +1.1%), Dish Network (DISH +3.2%), and DirecTV (DTV +1.6%) are all higher for the day on the ongoing merger chatter   while Comcast (CMCSA +0.1%) is level with its bid seen as slightly more problematic and the company unreachable as an acquisition. Sector related: No denying impact of cord cutting.
No denying it: Cord cutting greatly impacting Pay TV sector
Over the last three calendar years an estimated 5M cable and broadband subscribers have been lost as the Pay TV sector continues to feel the impact of cord cutting and the coming of age of cord nevers. The consumer shift toward viewing content on the Internet and mobile devices is so well entrenched that the industry could dip below the 40M subscriber mark for the first time in over five years. A major surprise is that the viewing slump also include major sporting events which were once considered the lynchpin strategy to prevent the cord cutting phenomenon. (BI chart) The recent surge in cable/media stocks is a result of the industry deciding it won't just sit on its hands amid stalled growth and will be open to consolidation. Previous: Putting a number to cord cutting.
Time Warner Cable could be worth $160/share in Comcast/Charter bid
Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker looks at what a joint Comcast (CMCSA)/Charter (CHTR) bid for Time Warner Cable (TWC) would look like, with speculation of such a deal ripe (see here and here)."There has been much TWC M speculation ever since Dr. John Malone took a 27% stake in CHTR in March of this year. Since that time,westen moncler, our view has been (and continues to be) that a break up (rather than an outright purchase by one player) of TWC is most logical; so, we were not surprised by recent press reports suggesting that CMCSA and CHTR might be working together to generate a joint bid for the cable company."On the value, she writes: "We calculate $1.4B of annual synergies for a CMCSA TWC partial bid, and $700M for CHTR for a CHTR TWC partial bid, leading to a potential bid of $160 for TWC shares."TWC closed +10% on Friday. CHTR was +6%. CMCSA was +4.4%
Comcast, Charter plot break up of Time Warner Cable
Comcast (CMCSA) and Charter (CHTR) have reportedly discussed breaking up Time Warner Cable (TWC) in any joint bid for the company in order to overcome antitrust objections to a deal. The transaction would resemble Comcast's and Time Warner's acquisition of Adelphia Communications in 2006, when Comcast gained 1.7M customers and Time Warner 3.3M. A break up of Time Warner would also make it easier for Charter to gain financing, given that it's much smaller than Time Warner. Meanwhile, the NYT carries a profile of John Malone,, whose Liberty Media (LMCA) owns 27% of Charter. The article reports that Time Warner Cable has contacted Comcast about a possible transaction, leading to early talks.
The Hunger Games trade: Follow the money
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens nationally today with expectations running high that the movie will deliver a smashing box office haul. (Previous: Buzz and reviews) Theater operators (CKEC, CNK,montcler, RGC, MCS, RDI) will carve off little revenue pieces here and there while IMAX (IMAX +0.3%) should see a windfall with early reviews saying it's a "must see" in the IMAX format. Comcast (CMCSA) property Fandago has seen enormous traffic and interest this week which will help Q4 subscriber totals. Also: Don't forget about books. The timing of the Catching Fire release could help Scholastic (SCHL +0.6%) see booming holiday sales for the Hunger Games book series. Movie studio Lions Gate (LGF +1.8%) is the proud owner of the vibrant franchise and stands to gain the most. and an opening at +$175M is hard to ignore. It also has Divergent waiting in the wings with the same low cost, high teenager appeal formula.

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