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Beginning at 8:00 A.M. renews one chapter every two hours each time.Hope everyones vote much and more, vote much many.The cellular phone party is in the PK ticket of cellular phone on-line hurl although don't calculate in the activity,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, small fix later on will also give the brothers sisters welfare on the cellular phone net of~
                 Chapter 139,Montre Michael Kors?Length 2 people team(up)( midnight[this chapter word count:2174 latest renewal time:2012-09-27 13:18:07.0]
  Ou Yang Lei feels time in this month by himself/herself change very much, however own variety of opponent is not small either, especially romantic household.This month of time inside, the romantic household starts recruiting,Tiffany Outlet, the amount of players it is said that having already come to a 50,000 people.
  But declare the game household thou sword household of the strongest continent in East Asia till now still not arrive 5,000 people.
  Both parties produced a thus big margin just on the amount, could not help letting the players all feel that a war will soon come.
  However these affairs seem and sun thunders in Europe all have no relation, just sun thunder in Europe is from the snake valley inside the self-discipline come out of time discover,Sac A Main Louis Vuitton, oneself seeks and then is extruded a grade ranking 100 ex-.
Although oneself still keeps keeping the first of the chain apothecary's ranking,Louis Vuitton Sac,the grade ranking ascends even the lasts all have already opened up a valley to expect 11 classes, taller than oneself livelong ten classes, hence oneself also wants to start getting stripe.
  "Now doesn't know as well a benefit how exactly."Sun thunder in Europe soliloquizes and came out a snake valley, result oneself just coulded not walk out 50, see front about 100 were apart from place, a player's seeming was looted by moreover two players.
  Sun thunder in Europe sighed an one breath,Michael Kors Sac, "ah ……this morals of the world, play games to loot other people for someone.However that person is really also of,Michael Kors Sac, a big man's in broad daylight is incredibly looted by the other party, indeed as expected, the real strenght is right way."
  After last time Chang-an city west affairs in the door, sun thunder in Europe felt to come to speak to a men, the real strenght is particularly important.
Don't say the another, only in the game, there is real strenght, I say not to let the person of the romantic household hereafter from Chang-an city west the door walk, really have some carefree egg painful player have no matter at Chang-an city west observation in the door,Tiffany Outlet Store, indeed as expected,Sac Michael Kors Pas Cher, have no the player of romantic household pass by there.
  This is the real strenght,Sac Michael Kors!
  Oneself opens task spooler, the glow-in-the-dark of soft United States and classic of music it?
   Tiffany Outlet 9kFU2kXD0rY0  Judgment day

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