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Server Reset.
« on: November 11, 2011, 05:36:35 pm »
First off,i apologize,on behalf of DarkenedCombat. Our vps company messed us about,and we've tried our hardest to get our server back. We've got it back,but as many of you know,we had a reset.We are sorry about this.It has been very good to see many members of the community helping each other,and don't worry-it hasn't gone unnoticed.But we have decided,that instead of issuing EVERY SINGLE ONE of you your levels,and other stuff like that,that we will simply do something else.

Your items: The administrator,Deathclaw,will return your MOST PRECIOUS items.He will have spawning rights-and he will note down everyone who has asked him,and what they asked him for.Also,he recognizes many of you,so its pointless making a new account and trying to receive free rares. He will also check your bank,if your lying,or he has reason to expect your lying,you will be permanently be ipmuted.

Your levels: I,Harry,will give you FOUR level 99's.These can be ANY levels of your choice,but the same rules apply as above^.This is the fairest way around it,and once again we are EXTREMELY sorry for the inconvenience caused.

This 'offer' will be on for the next week or so.If you cannot get on in that time,PLEASE personal message us over the forums,post a topic,or whatever and tell us when you CAN be on.

If you need help,use the forums,or use the live-chat system.

Thanks once again,
I'm back!

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Re: Server Reset.
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2011, 10:28:23 pm »
Orr.... We all bug harry repeatedly in a private message for everything we've ever wanted! :D, Sounds like an amazing idea. So, Yeah. I do not have the ability to spawn YET. So Please. Quit Asking me ingame for things that i cannot deliver yet. I have Given enough of my own stuff away.
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