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Command List! FTW!
« on: November 09, 2011, 01:14:54 am »
Now, alot of you have been questioning me about the command list since not all commands are shown when you do ::commands. So, lets do them all! if I miss one, feel free to comment Below!

These commands will have the signs of all of the people you can use them.
[R] Regular Player +
[D] Donator +
[M] Moderator +
[A] Admin +
  • Co-Owner/Owner

::commands [R] (Brings up a list of commands.)
::guild [R] (Teleports you to the Fishing Guild.)
::players [R] (Brings up a list of all players online and their coordinates.)
::voteforcash [R] (Brings up another screen in your web-browser to give your user, then you can vote for the server.)
::highscores [R] (Brings up another webpage with the listings of players and their stats.)
::donating [R] (Brings up another webpage with what you can donate for!)
::donated [R] (Gives you the item that you have donated for after you relog.)
::resetdef [R] (Resets your Defence to level 1 with 5 Experience points.)
::rest [R] (Lays you down on the ground Not a big significance to the game considering run is unlimited...)
::help [R] (Sends a message to ALL online staff members with your name and coordinates.)
::kdr [R] (Pops up a notification of your Kill to Death Ratio.)
::epp [R] (Tells you your number of Epic DarkenedCombat Points.)
::ep [R] (Not 100% sure on what the heck this is.) Must be related to DarkenedCombat Points and Pk'ing.
::yell (insert words of discretion here.) [D] (Yell is used for easy communication between donators and moderators as well as Admins and Owners.)
::mute (Insert name here) [M] Used under certain circumstances.
::unmute (Insert name here) [M] Used under even Fewer circumstances.
::jail (Insert name here) [M] Used as a Punishment under certain circumstances.
::unjail (Insert name here) [M] Used to send a player home, or to send a player home that was Previously jailed.
::kick (Insert name here) [M] Used to kick off macroers and Used on auto clickers to test.
::ipmute (Insert name here) [A] Used to mute a player on their IP Address. This way, they have no access to speak on our game by any means.
::unipmute (Insert name here) [A] In case of an error, or faulty mistake. This command is used to Unmute the IP of an Alleged player.
::ipban (Insert name here)
  • Only harry and other Co-owners may do this. This is Used to ban a player on their IP Address. This way, they have no access to come back on our game by any means. 

::item (4-5 Digit #) (Number of that item)
  • Only Harry and Other co-owners may use this command.

(Will add more tomorrow.)
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Re: Command List! FTW!
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 04:11:56 pm »
Nice commands =D GJ
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