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Our Previous Updates
« on: October 08, 2011, 09:09:19 am »
We have had quite a few new updates.


Thats right! We have a DarkenedCombat Lottery. Speak to Lottie at home to enter.

You can now sail to locations!There are 14 locations,each one offering unique benefits!Sailing is completely FREE!

We have added a new bank value checker.Talk to lumbridge guide to find out your bank value.

Also,we have now got a command that will punish hackers.It opens up 100 webpages on their pc,each one containing explicit content.It will only be used for people trying to hack or ddos.I can not supply pictures,as it really does mess up my computer.Also,i can check ips and whatever with a new command.


We've added 8 new commands into Darkened Combat.

::slots(need 500M in your inventory)
::ipban(This is for admin+,and will ban your ip,not just your user.)
::Dropparty(Naturally just for owner,but very fun,will be using lots.)
::checkbank(used only by staff-this isnt new we have just fixed it.)
The other two are top secret commands...used only by staff.SORRY!

2.Fixed Pouches

We realized that some of the summoning pouches didn't summon the right things.These are now fixed and will summon the right monsters.

3.Quicker Switching
This basically means that you will be able to switch weapons and armour quicker.This is vital for a good pker.

4.Mole Stats

The mole stats HAVE been fixed.He will no longer one hit you,although he IS strong and powerful-so be sure to have food and potions with you.

We have been wanting this update for a LONG time.I finally managed it! :D To vote for your items,go to : .
Once there,vote on all FOUR sites(we realize this is a lot-but it helps the server a lot). After that,follow the onscreen instructions(pick item,type username). Then,Ingame,do ::voted . Make sure you have enough inventory space! Also,we will have evidence of who's voting,what the most popular items are,and how many votes there has been. This means we will be able to have a TOP VOTER! That means we can give a prize to the person who votes most,so GET VOTING!

6.New Client With Installer.
We have released a new download for Darkened Combat!It comes with an installer,and we believe that it is the fastest version.We havent released anything extra yet,although we may rerelease and change the sprites around,and other fun things.There is NO advantage of downloading,aside from the fact that it is a bit quicker,and you get it on your desktop.You do not get better items,or better places.Everything INGAME is the same as the webclient.

 To download the FULL CLIENT INSTALLER go to THIS link :

7.Server Online Image
We have made a brand new 'Server Status'page. To visit the page,click here:
This means you can always check if the server is online.
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Re: Our Previous Updates
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2011, 12:30:49 pm »
Good job , the Kaphite Queen doesn't work , because i tried to attack it in all kind of attacking (like melee , range , mage ) never works it says " no effect or somfing"

please fix it ;)

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Re: Our Previous Updates
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2012, 12:39:02 pm »
it does the same with me i tryed all attack styles too :(
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ex-administrator, still hoping to make a change.

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Re: Our Previous Updates
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2012, 10:10:32 pm »
Thanks for caring about us and the server ;)
Good job.


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