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Refund Centre / Re: Refund Policy
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:54:36 pm »
good idea forums, cheers. I'll add in now.

Refund Centre / Refund Policy
« on: February 16, 2012, 12:26:53 pm »
The Policy
This policy is only in relation to losing an item in game when you have unexpectantly disconnected. This can be for any item that you have lost because of this. If you have lost it when there has been a client update this does not count, neither if you have closed the client without saving as it is your mistake.

The Rule
We will refund up to 5 items that you have lost. If you have lost money we will count that as one of your 5 items. If the items are stacked they still count as one item and not the amount in the stack. We will then pay you the amount of money these items cost so you have the chance to buy again. We will not give you the items back. However you can only recieve a refund if you lost the item within the last month. If staff are suspicious that you are lying or deliberately losing they will refuse to refund you.

How to get it
To ask for a refund either make an appeal in this board or talk to a staff member on the game. If you are making an appeal it must be in this format:

Ingame name:

What you lost:

How did u lose it:

When did u lose it:

Extra Details

Lost Exp
Unfortunately as of this moment we will not be refunding lost exp. Sorry for any inconvenience
Thank you and keep voting, donating and playing.

Clan Recruitment / Re: The LEGION of DarkenedCombat
« on: August 18, 2011, 09:51:13 pm »
Thank you for your application, you have a place in L.O.P, once the clan information has been finished I shall send you it.

Thank you, Tornado.

Clan Recruitment / The LEGION of DarkenedCombat
« on: August 17, 2011, 02:25:13 pm »
The legion of DarkenedCombat is back and looking for new players to join.

We welcome with open arms any players whatever levels they are. We just ask that you are dedicated and fun to be around. However.
.There will be no swearing in the clan or bullying of any kind.
.The legion is a defensive clan and will only attack other clans if attacked first, please do not engage battles with other clans. The only person who can declare war on another clan is myself, Tornado.
.You must listen to the senior members of the group
.You must enjoy yourself

Go to the clan discussion page to find out anything else about our clan.

-You can only join the clan if you are not in a clan already.

To join please leave a post stating
 . Your username on game
 . Your favourite skill
 . Able to come on reguarly?
 . Quick reason why you want to join (write as much as you want)
So no matter how good you are at any skill please feel free to join.

Once you have joined you will recieve a pdf file of the clan rules,strategies,features and information.

Any players who have been in the clan for 6 months or more will recieve a special gift

Thank you and I'll get back to any applications as soon as I can.

Clan Discussion / The LEGION of DarkenedCombat
« on: August 17, 2011, 02:13:33 pm »

The legion is back on the new client and with new goals. We were the largest clan on the last server and now wish to restart. We propose a community clan who will have weekly meetings, a pk battle every 2 weeks, skilling sessions, combat training sessions and trading sessions. However if you wish for more activities to be done by us please ask.

The clan is a friendly clan and will hopefully set up home in 2 places, one pk area and one non pk area. We will only attack other clans in defense. However if the majority want to fight another clan we shall listen and fight.

The Church in Varrock shall be our usual meeting place where we have weekly meetings.

The Courtyard of the Varrock Castle shall be host to emergency meeting concerning clan fights. Here we shall discuss attacking and defence from other other clans.

This Church in Ardougne shall be our PK meeting place.

Eventually when we have enough people in the clan we shall have small groups inside the clan named divisions. Then we will have division leaders who can lead their group into battle. And an elite guard division will be made who will be the best of the best and be the protectors of the clan. We will also have other jobs in the clan however these will be apparent when we have more members.

The clan will be lead by myself however I wish everyone to have significance over clan discussions and meetings. So if you wish to have more regular pk sessions for example we will.

Normal meetings will involve training together perhaps having 99 days where we will all try to get a 99 in a certain skill (decided by you).

Trading sessions will be like auctions where you will have an easy place to sell items for the best price. The seller will stand at the front of the room and announce their asking price, if more than one person wishes to buy the offers will increase insuring more money will be made than normal trading at home for instance.

Every two months we will have a show and tell style meeting where a member can come up to the front and talk to the clan about an idea they have had, something they have done recently or something they are planning. This shall make it easy for players to organise small events, such as videos, adverts or just simply have a crowd to talk to.

Me and Harry have been discussing clans and thought that clans may end up having wars in pk zones where meeting places are near. As said if this happens we shall be defensive however a clan is most likely going to be fun if not dangerous and risky that is why we are defensive but if the clan wishes to attack and i agree it is necerssary i will act on your wishes.

I wish the clan to be fun for all which is why we shall accept and player no matter what level you are and if you are low levels we will assist you in levvelling up. If you wish to join please go to the recruitment page. Once you have joined you will recieve a clan mannual, this will explain everything about the clan.

Thank you for reading and please join.

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